Five Air India pilots died of Kovid-19 in May, impact on vaccine campaign- report

To speed up the vaccine campaign in the country, the help of Air India planes is being taken in the movement of the vaccine. Air India planes are engaged day and night to deliver the vaccine to different parts of the country. But the bad news is that five experienced and senior pilots of Air India have died due to corona. Due to this the vaccination campaign is being affected.

According to Air India official sources, Captain Prasad Karmakar, Captain Sandeep Rana, Captain Amitesh Prasad, Captain GPS Gill and Captain Harsh Tiwari died due to corona in May. Tiwari, 37, died on 30 May. He was the first officer of the Boeing 777 aircraft.

Pilots have threatened to stop operations if there is no vaccination
Air India pilots have repeatedly demanded vaccines for crew members and their families, but their demands have not been met so far. On May 4, the pilots threatened to shut down the airline if their demands were not met. After the threat, Air India had said that it would make arrangements for the vaccine for its employees by the end of May. But three vaccination camps were closed because there was no availability of vaccine. After this, camps were set up again from May 15. Air India was earlier giving priority in giving the vaccine to its employees above the age of 45.

Association wrote a letter to the Director of Air India
On Tuesday, the Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) has said in a letter to Air India Director Captain RS Sandhu that test reports of pilots are coming positive, pilots are being quarantined and some pilots are even dying. This situation is indicating a serious danger. Even our family gets hit by Corona. It has been written in the letter that when we return to our home after safely returning the flights being operated under the Bande Bharat Mission, then the family of this virus is at the highest risk of infection. In this difficult situation, the company is needed to keep the family safe so that we can operate the aircraft smoothly. Therefore our safety should be ensured on priority basis.

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