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Don’t panic! Mild fever, headache and muscle pain may occur after Kovid vaccine

The vaccine of Kovid-19 is being administered to people up to the age of 18 years across the country. Every day lakhs of people are being vaccinated. After getting the vaccine, most of the people are showing similar symptoms. After the vaccine, there is mild fever, pain in the hands of the vaccinated, mild pain in muscles and head. Although some people are getting many types of reactions apart from this. In which many people are getting mild and many people are having severe effects after the vaccine. In such a situation, it is important for you to know how the body reacts after getting the vaccine. Also, which symptoms appear after the vaccine are common and which fall under the category of severe.

Common symptoms after vaccine
Experts say that the reaction of the corona vaccine is divided into two parts. In which some people are seeing mild and some severe symptoms after the vaccine. If you are seeing symptoms like pain, swelling or redness of the vaccine site after getting the vaccine, then you do not need to worry. This is among the mild symptoms seen after the common vaccine. Some people are also complaining of fever, headache, loss of appetite and muscle pain, but these also come only in mild symptoms. This will not affect your health and you recover in 2-3 days. You don’t need to panic at all.

Severe symptoms after vaccine
Experts say that after the vaccine, some people may have a serious reaction in the body. Many people have an allergic reaction as soon as they get the vaccine. In which the body does not support the vaccine. In such a situation, this can be a very serious matter. Experts say that after the vaccine, people of older age are more prone to allergies, so after getting the vaccine, you are being asked to stay at the center for about half an hour. So that if there is any allergy or deterioration after the vaccine, then it can be sent for treatment immediately. Some people do not stay in the observation room after the vaccine. You shouldn’t do this at all.

This is how the vaccine works
The vaccine is injected directly into the body. After which the vaccine activates the T cells present in the body. The vaccine strengthens the body’s immune system and after recognizing the spike protein, acts rapidly against it. The vaccine blocks the external pathogen by making B cell antibodies present in the body. This weakens the virus and does not harm the body’s immune system.

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