Covid-19 Vaccine: Do not do this work after getting the Kovid vaccine, take care of these things

If you have got the Kovid vaccine or are thinking of getting it, then you need to take special care of some things. Many people may have mild fever or some other kind of problem after getting the vaccine. In this case, you do not need to panic. Yes, you must take some precautions after getting the vaccine. You should take plenty of rest after getting the vaccine. You also need to take great care of some things.

Do not go to work immediately after the vaccine If you have been vaccinated then you should take 1-2 days of rest. Don’t go to work immediately. Side effects can be seen even 24 hours after the vaccine. Therefore, after getting the vaccine, keep an eye on your health for at least two days.

Avoid traveling In view of corona infection, you should not travel for 2-3 days after getting the vaccine. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guideline recommends not to travel after taking the vaccine.

Avoid going in crowd If you have taken the first dose of the vaccine, then you should avoid going to crowded places. Even after getting the vaccine, take full care of safety. Do not drink alcohol and cigarettes- If you have been vaccinated, then you should not drink alcohol and cigarettes for at least 3 days. Avoid eating fried outside.

stay hydrated- Keep yourself hydrated before and after getting the vaccine. Include lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts in the diet. Drink lots of water in summer.

Do not leave the house without wearing a mask You have to be careful even after getting the vaccine. Antibodies are formed in the body several days after the vaccine, so if you do not wear a mask, then you can also get corona.

Do not workout If you exercise then do not do it for 2-3 days. After the vaccine, many people have pain in their hands, in such a situation, the pain can increase due to workouts.

Get in touch with Doctor If you have any allergies then you must consult a doctor before and after taking the vaccine. If there is any problem after getting the vaccine, consult a doctor immediately.

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