Action can be taken against Gautam Gambhir Foundation, Drug Controller said in High Court – Foundation got medicine wrongly

New Delhi: A hearing was held on Thursday in the Delhi High Court on the matter of providing medicines and oxygen by politicians and helpers. In this, the drug controller presented the investigation report of Gautam Gambhir and AAP MLA Praveen Kumar before the court. It was told in this report that the way Gautam Gambhir Foundation obtained and deposited the medicine for distribution to the people, it is a violation of the law. The drug controller said that action will be taken against the foundation in this matter.

These things were disclosed in the report
The Drug Controller’s report presented in the Delhi High Court said that the Gautam Gambhir Foundation had purchased 2349 strips of Fabiflu. The Drug Controller has issued a notice to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation and sought a reply that where these drugs were distributed, did they have their license? Along with this, the Gautam Gambhir Foundation had arranged 120 oxygen cylinders and got it refilled from an authorized dealer and made available to the people under the supervision of a doctor.

It has been told in the report that 1139 patients were given this medicine on behalf of Gautam Gambhir Foundation and this medicine was provided free of cost. Different sections of the Drug and Cosmetic Act have been violated by the foundation. The court commented that the drug controller should investigate all the cases, not just Gautam Gambhir’s case. The court said that after all how did a foundation get this medicine in such a large quantity from the dealer!

Commenting on the Delhi High Court, he said that Gautam Gambhir Foundation bought medicines in large quantities for which a lot of money was also spent and also helped people, but we also have to see how many more people were harmed due to it. If he wanted to help, he could have done it in other ways.

The drug controller said that such information has also come that many people were also making steroids available to the people. Action will be taken against all those people. The court said that you should submit a report in this regard in 6 weeks. During this, the Delhi High Court directed the Drug Controller that action should be taken against all such people who collected and provided medicine or oxygen in this way by going beyond the rules. Due to which the supply chain was disrupted and people faced difficulty in getting the medicines and oxygen they needed.

Meanwhile, the counsel for the Delhi government told the court that during the second wave of corona, 92 serious cases of corona among children were reported in Delhi. As of today, there are 623 corona patients in Delhi and the infection rate is 0.88 percent. The counsel for the Delhi government said that in view of the cases of Corona, a high power committee has been constituted which is paying attention to all the needs and problems.


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