10 km run for the first time after Kovid-19, Ankita gave this reaction on Milind Soman’s post

Milind Soman crosses milestone


He also shared answers to some frequently asked questions from fans about the race. The 55-year-old actor posted favorite footwear for the run. The actor is famous for wearing Milind five-fingered shoes on the run. He revealed that closed shoes make him uncomfortable. Milind wrote, "I find closed shoes uncomfortable; I can’t run in my natural style."

Run 10 kms after COVID-19

He further added that for him the soft/hard surface doesn’t matter but the technique matters. Run slowly Apart from that, Milind revealed that regular and proper running strengthens the legs and is good for the knees. In fact, they do not need any special diet if they are running 5-6 kms in a day. they wrote, "I may need to eat a little more if I was running 50-60 kms daily."

Milind recommends that if you are starting/resuming/getting sick/injured/overweight, start with a very slow pace and a less comfortable distance. Continuity is the key to recovery. Finally, Milind talks about taking care of his skin after running in the hot sun.

he wrote, "I do not use sunscreen. After the run, if the sun is really too hot, I use a little yogurt on my face, and wash off with water when it dries. Makes skin feel good, body feels amazing." Wife Ankita Kanwar also reacted to Milind’s post. Ankita described Milind as a partner of training forever. Milind Soman met Ankita in Alibaug in 2018. 

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