1 crore people lost jobs, families’ income also reduced due to second wave of corona – report claims

Corona has created a rage all over the country since last year and this second wave has proved to be quite frightening than before. According to the information received, due to this second wave, where lakhs and crores of people were infected with the epidemic and a large number of people lost their lives. At the same time, about 1 crore people in the country have lost jobs due to this second wave.

According to Mahesh Vyas, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), since the beginning of Corona last year, till now, the income of 97 percent of the families has also seen a significant impact. He said that, “The unemployment rate which was 8 percent in the month of April has now increased to 12 percent in the month of May. Which directly means that about 1 crore Indians have lost their jobs due to this epidemic.”

People are not getting new work- Vyas

According to Vyas, the second wave of corona is the main reason for people washing their hands from their jobs. He said, “Those who have lost jobs during this time are finding it difficult to find a new job.”

Let us tell you, due to the nationwide lockdown imposed due to Corona last year, the unemployment rate had reached 23.5 percent. Vyas said that, “The unemployment rate of 3 to 4 percent is considered normal for the Indian economy. At the same time, the percentage at which it is present tells that it will take time for the situation to become normal.”

Income of 97 percent families decreased- Vyas

Vyasay said that, CMIE has completed the survey work of 1.75 lakh families last month. The survey found only 3 percent of the families who talked about increasing income, while 55 percent said that their income has decreased. There were 42 percent who said that their income remained the same as last year. He said that, “according to our estimates, there are 97 percent of the families in the country whose income has decreased during the Corona epidemic.”

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