India vs Corona Conclave 2.0: Trying to take everyone along in times of crisis – Zydus Wellness

India vs Corona Conclave 2.0: Trying to take everyone along in times of crisis – Zydus Wellness

The whole country is united in the war against Corona and in this hour of crisis, the corporate world is also supporting and playing an important role. Zydus Wellness Company has also tried to help the needy in every possible way in this era of epidemic, along with this the company has also taken full care of its staff.

ABP News Corporate E Conclave

In this regard, ABP News has organized a corporate conclave and is constantly discussing with the country’s big companies and top corporate executives. In this episode, Tarun Arora, CEO, Zydus Wellness spoke to ABP News and said that in this hour of crisis, we are trying to take everyone along.

Trying to take everyone along in times of crisis

Tarun Arora said that what the country and the world has seen in the past cannot even be imagined. In this time we had to save ourselves too and there were many people who were associated with us. We realized that if the company has to move forward, everyone has to be protected along with ourselves.

Tarun Arora further said that we have many important products for which we had to work. We worked for this on two or three levels. We helped our employees financially, along with this, we also provided them a safety kit. Along with this, we strictly followed the protocol. We did not stop taking milk from farmers because they were dependent on us. Our company delivered safety kits to the people. Not only this, the company supplied Glucon D free in 300 cities. Please tell that Zydus also made an injection of Remedicivir by taking a license.

tried to help the employees in every way possible

He said that our business is only when there are people. Our staff is very important to us. In the last lockdown too, we did not stop the employees’ increments and made normal increments. This year also we did not stop the bonus or any other allowance of the employees. We assured that the company will not stop the livelihood of the employees in this hour of crisis. The company worked on other measures to cut expenses. The company first secured the livelihood of its employees. Along with this, the company supported its staff in many ways when corona is infected or any family member is covid positive. In this, if any staff wanted leave, then they were given it so that they could work completely healthy. Along with this, the company helped in getting the staff from medicine to medical consultation. Not only this, the company has also increased the insurance of its staff. The company has also taken several initiatives to help the family of the deceased employee.

He said that we have learned from this corona epidemic that we cannot control external situations, but how we respond to them is important. In the end I believe that we will win this as a country, as an individual but a lot will depend on how we are dealing with it well.

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