Regarding Ayesha’s allegations, actress Priyamani said this about her marriage

Regarding Ayesha’s allegations, actress Priyamani said this about her marriage

priyamaniMustafa Raj Marriage: Actress Priyamani is in discussion about her personal life these days. Ayesha, the first wife of Priyamani’s husband Mustafa Raj, has said that Mustafa has not officially divorced her. Along with this, Ayesha says that the marriage of Priyamani and Mustafa is not valid. In such a situation, now Priyamani has put her point on this. Priyamani said during an interview that, ‘If you talk about the relationship between me and Mustafa, then our relationship is very safe. He is still in America and working there. But we talk everyday. If it doesn’t happen, then at least we ask about the condition.

Priyamani further said, ‘If they are busy, they call or message them or if I am busy, then I tell them by calling and messaging. We do talk one way or another. Even when nothing happens, they ask, are you all right? And then we move forward if someone is tired and someone takes care of him then it shows his feelings. Our relationship is very secure, we keep talking, which is the most important thing in any relationship.

Let us tell you, Priyamani has also made her mark among the Hindi audience by working in the series ‘The Family Man’. She is the cousin of Vidya Balan. During an interview, he has described Mustafa as his lucky charm. She had said, I have become very busy after marriage, so I think Mustafa is my lucky charm.

At the same time, Mustafa Raj’s first wife Ayesha claims that she is still his wife. Mustafa and Ayesha separated in 2013. He also has two children. At the same time, Priyamani married Mustafa in 2017.

The Family Man fame Priyamani’s marriage is in danger, Mustafa Raj’s first wife calls the marriage illegal


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