KRK gave an open warning to Mika Singh, said- see once again after releasing the song

KRK gave an open warning to Mika Singh, said- see once again after releasing the song

Film actor-turned-critic Kamal R Khan has now landed in a new controversy. Amidst the controversy with Salman Khan, singer Mika Singh has taken him in his hands. Earlier, Mika Singh had said that he is going to release a song on KRK. Since then the dispute between the two has increased further. On Wednesday, Mika Singh released the teaser of his new song. The title of this song is #KRKKutta. Mika Singh wrote, “Yeah, how did you guys feel?” To this, KRK replied to him saying, “Why do you bark so much? If you want to release the song, don’t be afraid. Release bindaas! I want you to release the song once! See again!”

Earlier, singer Mika Singh had reached KRK’s house on Thursday. Mika described KRK as his ‘son’ and said that there is no personal enmity between them. This video was shared on the page of Fans Club. Mika claimed that KRK removed the nameplate from outside his house. While addressing KRK, Mika said, ‘Look brother, I am standing outside your house. I am standing with my chest wide. Wherever you ask, I will meet you. You will remain my son all my life. I have no fight with you.

Mika Singh supports Salman Khan

Recently, Salman Khan had sued KRK for defamation in view of making utter remarks against him, due to which KRK has intensified his attacks on Salman. In such a situation, Mika Singh took a jibe at KRK, who made rhetoric against Salman and described his attitude as absurd. He said, “KRK is a very poor kind of person and he is a person hungry for publicity. He wants big Bollywood stars like Salman to keep saying something about him so that he remains in limelight. He refuses to make such controversial statements. He is adept at grabbing everyone’s attention.


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