Actress Kajal Aggarwal uses natural things for beauty

Actress Kajal Aggarwal uses natural things for beauty

Kajal Aggarwal is not only a fit actress but her diet and lifestyle also impress the fans a lot. Kajal believes in adopting natural things for good health. According to media reports, Kajal definitely includes fresh fruits, seeds, protein curd, nuts and green leafy vegetables in her diet. Kajal Aggarwal likes a balanced diet which includes protein and carbs in the right amount. Apart from this, he likes to drink coconut water very much.

According to media reports, Kajal Aggarwal eats a bowl of salad before eating, which reduces appetite and you avoid overeating. To stay healthy, the actress eats curd and paneer every day. Instead of doing the same exercise every day, Kajal does different types of exercises. To stay fit and keep the body in shape, Kajal does strength training, weight training, freehand exercises and dance.

Apart from this, Kajal Aggarwal also does yoga. She considers Surya Namaskar to be the perfect exercise for the whole body. The actress uses coconut oil to take care of her skin and hair. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water are his favourites.

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